In order to test if Windows Firewall is blocking the communication between the Smartsuit Pro and Smartsuit Studio.

Open the Windows Start Menu and type in Windows Firewall

Click on Windows Firewall and you should now see the Windows Firewall dialogue.

From the left menu select Turn Windows Firewall on or off.

From the options for the Private and public network settings, click Turn off windows Firewall (WARNING: this is not recommended besides testing purposes).

Click OK to Apply the changes.

At this stage you should see following.

You can now test if the Smartsuit Pro can connect to Smartsuit Studio. If the problem was the firewall, you will now be able to see the live character inside the Smartsuit Studio.

After you verify if the firewall was blocking Smartsuit Studio, remember to turn firewall on again by clicking again in Turn Windows Firewall on or off. This time select Turn on Windows Firewall for private and public networks.

Click OK to apply these changes.

If you identified that Windows Firewall is blocking Smartsuit Studio, you can add a rule to Windows Firewall to allow connections with Smartsuit Studio. 

How to add Windows Firewall rule