You know you have successfully setup and applied your WiFi settings to your Smartsuit Pro when the WiFi LED on the hub of your Smartsuit Pro is either constantly blue or green.

Once you have disconnected the provided USB-C cable from the hub of the Smartsuit Pro and plugged in your battery / power bank into the hub's USB power supply cable, you will see a neutral avatar appear in the scene (sandbox or project) after a few seconds, along with the Smartsuit Pro status panel in the top right corner of your screen.

If this is not the case, there can be 2 reasons:

  1. The LED on the hub of your Smartsuit Pro is red: you should not proceed any further and go back to the WIFi setup guide.
  2. One of the following things needs to be corrected first:
    1. Wrong receiver IP (Windows)
    2. Windows Firewall blocking communication
    3. Anti-virus firewall blocking communication