When you connect your Smartsuit Pro with a Windows computer, Windows will automatically install the drivers for this device which will allow you to update the WiFi configuration and update firmware.

In some cases Windows fails to find the appropriate driver for Smartsuit Pro and it appears as an unknown device for the operating system. To solve this issue you have to do the following steps.

1. Open the Device Manager.

To do that open the Control Panel, set the View to Small Icons and locate Device Manager entry.

2. In the Device Manager, you should find a device under Other Devices.

In this device you can right click and select Properties → Select Details tab → select Hardware Ids in the Property dropdown.

If the Value is empty this means the Smartsuit Pro hub is not getting enough power from the USB port. In this case, disconnect the hub from the usb port, connect it to the power supply, wait a few seconds and connect it to the USB port. Now you have to repeat the process to verify if the Hardware Ids appears.

If the hardware Ids appears, you should see something like this:

3. If you see the hardware Ids but the device doesn't have a driver, you have to install the following driver:

→ Smartsuit Pro driver for Windows 7

To install the driver you have to go to Driver tab → select Update Driver → Browse my computer for driver software → Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer → Have Disk... button → Browse and select the atmel_devices_cdc.inf file you downloaded with the driver.

Finally click Next and the installation should begin. If you get a warning stating Unknown Publisher, you have to click Install Anyway.