As of Smartsuit Studio 1.2.0b you can set the settings for the geographical location you will use the Smartsuit Pro. These local settings are important for the Smartsuit Pro to detect magnetic interference in order to better understand the environment you are operating in and ability to optimize for better locations to operate within. 

1. Location settings video tutorial

2. Setting the location settings in Smartsuit Studio: step by step guide

When you open Smartsuit Studio, and you haven't set the local settings yet, a popup will appear asking you to fill the country and city you are located.

At this point you have to select the correct location and click Save location. After that the popup will not appear again, but you will be able to change the location again from the advanced settings.

Applying the location settings to the Smartsuit Pro

When a Smartsuit Pro appear online inside Smartsuit Studio and it doesn't have the same location configuration as the studio, a notification will appear in the bottom right corner, prompting to apply the location from Smartsuit Studio to the Smartsuit Pro. Clicking Yes on this panel will set the configuration to your Smartsuit.

If you clicked no, you can still apply the location settings to all live Smartsuit Pro's from the advanced settings menu.

After you click yes, another popup will notify you of the success of the operation.

Smartsuit control panel sensor colors

The Smartsuit control panel colors have been updated to include the mode where the location settings in the Smartsuit Pro are not the same as the ones in the Smartsuit Studio.
When the location settings in the Smartsuit Pro are different than the ones set in Smartsuit Studio, the Smartsuit Pro control panel will display all the sensor colors white. That means that you have to check the location settings in your Smartsuit Studio, verify they are correct and apply them in your Smartsuit.

When the location information is the same in Smartsuit Studio and in the Smartsuit Pro, then you will see yellow color for sensors that detect magnetic interference and green for sensors that are operating correctly.

In the case where you have set the location wrong in both Smartsuit Studio and Smartsuit Pro, control panel will still display yellow and green colors for the sensors, but the colors may not be true indication for your environment. For example if from Denmark I set my location to be in Brazil, you will get yellow colors in all sensors which would be an indication that location may be incorrect.

Verify location settings

To verify that the location settings are set accurate in your Smartsuit Pro you can hover the hub icon in the Smartsuit control panel, a tooltip will appear showing the information stored for the location you set.

These numbers should also match the numbers you get if you hover the globe icon in advance settings for location.