1. WiFi settings video tutorial

2. WiFi settings: step by step guide

Once the hub of your Smartsuit Pro is connected to your computer with USB-C you can access the WiFi configuration settings by clicking the WiFi configuration button on the right side of the software (see screenshot below) or by clicking on the pop-up that detected your Smartsuit Pro (see screenshot below).

WiFi configuration button:

WiFi configuration pop-up:

Once the either one of those two buttons has been clicked, the Smartsuit WiFi settings panel will appear (see screenshot below).

Smartsuit WiFi settings panel:

  • Smartsuit ID: A human readable name for the Smartsuit. This value is read-only.
  • WiFi name: The name of the WiFi network you want to connect your Smartsuit to. This is also called SSID. As you will notice right away when you click the dropdown, Smartsuit Studio will start looking for WiFi networks available to you. If you don’t see the one you have in mind, just wait a little. The list updates every five seconds.
  • Password: The password of the WiFi the Smartsuit should connect to.
  • Receiver IP: Your computer's IP address. We have made it easy for you by showing the available IP addresses but you can always double check you are using the correct one by following this article.
  • Receiver Port: The port which is used by Smartsuit Studio to receive messages from the Smartsuit Pro. Default value is 14041.
  • Security Type: The security type used by the WiFi router.
  • Frequency band: The frequency band of the WiFi router. You can select 2,4 or 5,0 GHz or Dual Band.
  • DHCP mode: If set to Automatic, the router will assign an IP address to the Smartsuit Pro automatically, while Manual would require that you specify the Smartsuit IP and Gateway IP.
  • Smartsuit IP: Only valid for DHCP mode in Manual mode. The IP address you would like to assign the Smartsuit Pro (make sure to set it to a value that is  different than the "receiver IP"!)
  • Gateway: Only valid for DHCP mode in Manual mode. The IP address of the WiFi router you connecting to.

After entering the correct values, click Apply WiFi settings to Smartsuit, and the software will apply the changes to the connected hub.

If this is the first time you apply new wifi settings to your Smartsuit Pro via usb, you will notice the avatar of your Smartsuit Pro will only appear in the Studio once you have unplugged the usb cable from the hub and connected your battery/powerbank (can take a few seconds).

What the LED colors on the hub mean:

Green means connected successfully with 5 GHz

Blue means connected successfully with 2.4 GHz

Yellow means connected successfully with Dual Band

Red means the Smartsuit failed at connecting, which means you either need to power it back on once more or that your WiFi settings are somehow wrong.

Apply wifi settings never completes?

If you are trying to set WiFi settings from Smartsuit Studio to your Smartsuit through USB, but after clicking the apply button the process never finishes, then disconnect the Smartsuit from USB and battery, so that the Smartsuit is turned off. After that, connect the battery again and a few seconds later the USB. Now try to set the WiFi settings again.


It varies whether a specific network will work with Automatic or Manual for the DHCP Mode, although most networks actually prefer Manual. If your Smartsuit did not connect with one, try the other one and apply the settings once more.

If the Smartsuit doesn’t connect right after you disconnect it from your computer, it doesn’t mean the WiFi settings are wrong. Unplug the battery and plug it back in a few times. WiFi modules can be quite sensitive and are easily interrupted.

If the hub LEDs indicate that the Smartsuit connected alright, but the Smartsuit is not visible inside Studio, click the Studio logo (top left corner) and find the "Cry out" button in the advanced settings tab. This might help Studio to find the Smartsuit.

Did you remember to:

  • Type in the right password? The input is of course case sensitive. You can hide / show glyphs to the right.
  • Connect the battery? Make sure that you have a fully charged Power bank connected to your Smartsuit.
  • Choose the right Receiver IP? Make sure that you have selected the correct IP address.

If you still do not have any luck connecting with your Smartsuit, please contact us at support@rokoko.com or via the chat (red button on the bottom right corner of the window), and we will be happy to help you out.

Additional Notes:

WiFi settings username:
As of right now it is not possible to connect to a network that requires a username and password. This is often the case for networks of educational institutions. We recommend to use a dedicated router to work with the Smartsuit Pro.

Supported WiFi security protocols:

  • OPEN
  • WPA
  • WPA2
  • WEP
  • WPA2-PMK