Before you begin

This guide will describe how to update the firmware on your Smartsuit Pro via Smartsuit Studio.

Make sure Smartsuit Studio is installed and the Smartsuit Pro is successfully connected via USB. If you have not performed this step, see the following guide.

1. Update firmware: video tutorial

2. Update firmware: step by step guide

1 - On the right side, click on Connect Smartsuit.

1.1 - Skip this if you are already connected to the Smartsuit Pro.

2 - Now you should see the Smartsuit WiFi settings dialog, click Update firmware.

3 - The Firmware update dialogue will tell you which version you already have installed and the available firmware. Go ahead and click on Update to xxxx.

4 - The software will now begin the update progress, do not disconnect the hub or do anything at this stage as it will corrupt the update. This can take up to 4 minutes (grab a cup of coffee while waiting).

5 - At this point the update is successful. Remove the USB cable from the computer and restart the hub by reconnecting the power to your battery or power supply.