In order to connect the Smartsuit Pro to either Smartsuit Studio or a Plugin, you will need a WiFi network (internet not required). You have to either use a WiFi router or a hotspot created from a computer.

We also recommend using a dedicated router to be used by your Smartsuit Pro(s) only, and connected to your computer via an ethernet cable, as office or university wifi networks tend to be a bit tricky to connect to.


  • Beware that using a hotspot created from a computer can give mixed performance results and not is not recommended on a long-term basis.
  • From the end of October 2018, the Smartsuit Pro will be able to create its own wifi hotspot allowing users to connect the Smartsuit Pro and stream its data directly on their computers, without the need for an external network and router. This firmware upgrade will be free for both old and new Smartsuit Pro customers.