The Smartsuit Pro is able to transmit data either by Unicast or Broadcast. Depending on your requirements you can choose between these two transfer modes.
We typically recommend using Broadcast when its necessary to transmit data to multiple users without defining them, while Unicast is suitable for a single endpoint.

Known issues with Broadcast

Since Broadcast is operating in a One-to-All scope, it is broadcasting traffic to all devices in LAN, and potentially saturate the network bandwidth. This is also known as "broadcast storms" as the network grows the problem is increasing.


We generally recommend using Unicast, unless Broadcast is essential. If you experience bad performance or any other issues in this transfer mode we recommend that you consult with a network administrator.

What is Unicast?

When using unicast method, one device will send the message to exactly one destination device. If some device needs to send a message to multiple devices, it will have to send multiple unicast messages, each message addressed to a specific device. So, the sender has to send a separate message to each destination device, and to do that it has to know the exact IP address of each destination device. Remember that in unicasting, each packet is destined for only one device.


What is Broadcast?

Broadcast is a packet that’s sent to all devices on specific network. The destination address in the packet is the special broadcast address. If the packet has a broadcast address, all devices that receive that message will process it. So, all devices on the same network segment will see the same message. Another thing to remember is that routers don’t forward broadcast messages. The router will receive the broadcast traffic, but it will not forward it through the router.