Smartsuit Studio is our state-of-the-art studio software which is included with the Smartsuit Pro (free unlimited licenses for PC and MAC).
The Studio provides all the necessary features to utilize and maintain one or several Smartsuit Pro(s).

Features such as:

  • Real-time live visualisation of body motion data data
  • Recording of body motion data
  • Offline playback of body motion recordings
  • Real-time forwarding to our plugins (Unity, MotionBuilder, Unreal, iClone)
  • Export body motion recordings to FBX (ASCII and Binary), BVH (Default and Biped) and CSV
  • Connecting and using the features listed above with up to 5 characters simultaneously 

The software is in constant development. Therefore, the list with features will grow gradually, open a chat window on to ask us about the latest updates :)