All standard WiFi Routers which are compatible with either 2.4GHz or 5GHz should generally work with the Smartsuit Pro. Since we have not tested all possible solutions on the market we try to keep track of the what has been tested and shown good results.

There is two types of setup which is recommended depending on the requirements. 

  1. Basic Coverage with single access point. Typically recommended for most situations.
  2. Flexible Coverage with multiple access points. Typically recommended if you have a very big office space or area that needs homogenous coverage at all times and walls are a potential source for performance degradation.

Basic Coverage (Easy setup)


Flexible Coverage (Advanced setup)

We currently recommend Ubiquiti products in UniFi- and Edge-series, which has shown good results in an affordable price range. Typically the setup will require some technical skill, so please make sure your either qualified or know someone who may be for the setup purpose.

Product combinations that are tested with successful results are described below.

Unmanaged (Supports up to 3 access points)*

This solution is very affordable but will require more effort to change the WiFi configurations. Since its not managed the management tool has to run locally on the computer every time changes are made.

Managed (Supports up to 4 access points)*

This solution is very scaleable, and configurations can be made through a web interface or smartphone app. The system is fully managed.

( * ) More access points supported with different Switch.