Smartsuit Studio

  • Data forward (Filter). When forwarding data from Smartsuit Studio to the Motion Builder plugin, the data will now include the filters applied within Smartsuit Studio.¬†
  • WiFi scanning. Smartsuit Wifi settings panel has been updated. Now you have the option to configure the wifi, with a list of available networks which the hub has scanned for. When you select a network from the list, the rest of router related fields are applied automatically from the entry you have selected. This feature eliminates the necessity of typing in WiFi settings besides the password. The rest of the settings are still available to view and edit under ¬†advanced wifi settings.
  • Body Profiles panel has been simplified to show only the two necessary inputs, which is the profile name and total height. The other values are hidden from the user and can be accessed and edited by clicking "More measurements ...". When the Total Height is being set and the other measurements are unedited, these measurements are calculated relative to that total height.
  • Default live filters. The filters that the user has enabled for live filters will be remembered for the next time Smartsuit Studio starts. Locomotion and Toe bend filter are by default on when you first use this version.
  • Bug fix. Export FBX with filters. until 1.3.0b when you exported the FBX the filters effect wasn't exported correctly in animation. This is fixed in this release.
  • Bug fix. Fullscreen fix for macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and above. Now we can go into fullscreen mode and exit using Command + F.¬†
  • Bug fix. When you stop using the computer and Studio doesn't have focus in Windows the viewport may freeze and the Smartsuit Studio window appears like it is not responding, even though the application in the background is running correctly. A fix has been introduced that will prevent this behavior.
  • Introducing Grid floor. the purpose of it is to get a better sense of distance and depth.
  • General improvements and bug fixes.
  • General improvements in filter framework.

Smartsuit Pro (Firmware)

  • Hub firmware now supports WiFi scanning.
  • Calibration bug fix. In some cases in the previous versions the user had to calibrate twice to get a proper calibration pose. This is fixed and every time you calibrate the Straight-Pose should be correct.
  • Improvements in predicting which foot is locked. This improves walking with the Smartsuit when you are not using Filters in Smartsuit Studio.
  • Jitter problem solved.

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