Change log

Smartsuit Studio

  • Mac OS X Compatibility
  • BVH format: Imports to Blender and other 3D software without errors
  • BVH format: A T-pose is added as the first frame of every BVH file
  • 3DS Max Biped support: Option to export BVH file compatible with 3ds max biped system.
  • FBX versions support: Option to choose version of FBX file in export panel. Compatible with version 7.1 to version 7.5.
  • WiFi configuration presets: You can save WiFi configurations in Smartsuit Studio so you can easily apply configurations you have used in the past.
  • IP Address finder: The Receiver IP field now includes a dropdown with all your available unicast IP's for the computer, so you can easily find your IP without using other tools to find it.
  • Poor environment indicator: A popup that will be displayed if ┬áthe Smartsuit ┬áPro appears to be in an environment with a lot of magnetic interference.
  • Debug recorder: A debug recorder option has been added in advanced settings, so users can send us recordings that we can use to identify the errors they are experiencing.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Smartsuit Pro

  • Mac OS X Compatibility
  • Better walking: Improvements in foot snapping.
  • Better arms: Arms now will be better aligned with each other and their direction will not be affected by the direction of the whole body.
  • Bug fixes and improvements

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