Studio will automatically look for available networks and list them. In this little article we will go through the steps and common issues you run into when configuring your Smartsuit's WiFi settings. 

Connect your Smartsuit’s hub to your computer via USB. Click the ‘Configure Smartsuit’ button to bring up the WiFi settings. As you will notice right away when you click the dropdown, Smartsuit Studio will start looking for WiFi networks available to you. If you don’t see the one you have in mind, just wait a little. The list updates every five seconds.

When you select a network from the list, all input fields under Show advanced settings are applied automatically. You basically just need to input two pieces of information now. First type in the WiFi password and secondly you need to pick your computer’s IP from the Receiver IP dropdown. We have made it easy for you by showing the available IP addresses. It usually just comes down to one IP. After choosing the Receiver IP you are now ready to hit Apply WiFi settings to Smartsuit.

Wait until the little process animation is done and the button says “WiFi settings successfully applied to Smartsuit”. Now disconnect the Smartsuit from the computer and wait to see if the WiFi LED on the hub shows green, blue or yellow, depending on what Frequency band you have chosen. Ideally you see your Smartsuit appear in the Studio right away. However, in some cases the WiFi module on the hub might fail connecting to the network you selected. If this is the case you might need to turn the hub off and back on a few times.

Did you remember to:

Type in the right password?
The input is of course case sensitive. You can hide / show glyphs to the right.

Connect the battery?
Make sure that you have a fully charged Power bank connected to your Smartsuit.

Choose the right Receiver IP?

It varies whether a specific network will work with Automatic or Manual for the DHCP Mode, although most networks actually prefer Manual. If your Smartsuit did not connect with one, try the other one and apply the settings once more.

If the Smartsuit doesn’t connect right after you disconnect it from your computer, it doesn’t mean the WiFi settings are wrong. Unplug the battery and plug it back in a few times. WiFi modules can be quite sensitive and are easily interrupted.

The LEDs indicates that the Smartsuit connected alright, but the Smartsuit is not visible inside Studio. Click the Studio logo, find the Cry out button in the advanced settings tab. This might help Studio to find the Smartsuit.

What the LED colors mean
Green means connected successfully with 5 GHz

Blue means connected successfully with 2.4 GHz

Yellow means connected successfully with Dual Band

Red means the Smartsuit failed at connecting, which means you either need to power it back on once more or that your WiFi settings are somehow wrong.

If you still do not have any luck connecting with your Smartsuit, please contact us at, and we will be happy to help you out.

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