This setup guide describes how to get the Smartsuit Pro connected to USB for WiFi configuration.

Before you begin


Make sure you have Smartsuit Studio installed. If not, kindly follow this link to download the software.


In the content of the Smartsuit Pro package you will find a USB-C to USB-A cable (illustrated below), which is used to configure your Smartsuit Pro with Smartsuit Studio by utilizing the USB Data port on the hub. The USB-A connector is a traditional connector found on all computers, while the USB-C is a new and modern replacement, which is utilized on the Hub.


The hub is comprised by two USB connectors which we will refer to as USB Power and USB Data as illustrated below. 

Setup guide

Following these simple steps will get you up and running with the Smartsuit Pro in Smartsuit Studio:

  1. Launch Smartsuit Studio and create a project or enter sandbox mode.
  2. Insert the USB-C cable into the Hub data input, the other should remain unconnected
  3. Insert the red USB-A cable into a USB powerbank or power supply providing at least 2A.
  4. Quickly after the LED's illuminate on the hub, insert the other end of the USB-C cable directly into the PC (no hubs).
  5. Smartsuit Studio should promptly inform you that a Hub has been connected.
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